Hypernova Labs Shines as Clutch Top 100 Fastest – Growing Company

Hypernova Labs Shines as Clutch Top 100 Fastest - Growing Company

Brighter than the star. At Hypernova Labs, we focus on delivering top-quality software solutions to help companies go above and beyond. Based in the heart of Panama City, our company innovates and creates cutting-edge software that drives growth.

In light of our dedication and excellence, we’ve recently been hailed as one of the Clutch Top 100 Fastest-Growing Service Providers for 2021! For context, Clutch is an established B2B market research and review platform headquartered in Washington, DC. The site is widely respected throughout the globe for its undying commitment to helping potential clients learn more about the right service providers.

The sheer magnitude of this recognition blows us away! Receiving this recognition is already a testament to itself considering that thousands of companies vie for this title. We are proud to rank 18th among the top 100 list!
“The Clutch 100 growth lists represent the top service providers based on revenue growth over the years” ,

said Clutch Founder Mike Beares.

“Their recognition is only possible because of their willingness to participate and their commitment to delivering the best services to their clients.”

The Hypernova Labs want to thank Clutch for being a wonderful partner for our company’s growth over the past years. We are grateful for the opportunities that come from the platform. Of course, with that being said, we also want to send our love and appreciation to our clients, especially those who reviewed our solutions on Clutch.

Our clients’ honest and wonderful feedback fuels our company forward, helps us identify what we can further improve, and serves as credible proof for our hard work.

Ready to bring your ideas to life? Get in touch with the Hypernova Labs team. We are excited to get to meet you and know more about your needs.

An alliance that strives to revolutionize the digital world as we know it

An alliance that strives to revolutionize the digital world as we know it: DesignRush and Hypernova Labs

With the rise of technological solutions and the need for businesses to reevaluate their processes and approach after the uncertain times that came with the global pandemic, digital-focused companies have had to up their game and come to the rescue. DesignRush and Hypernova Labs (HNL) haven’t stayed behind on the task.

Being a software development and tech agency with more than 8 years of experience Hypernova Labs gladly assumed the responsibility of delivering quality services and innovative solutions for clients who were looking for a way to optimize their services and stay relevant with current times.

HNL : A journey of 8 years

HNL was founded in 2013 by two young men with the same vision, satisfying the lack of quality technological solutions in companies in Panama’s market. In 2019 they broke the barrier of the first million in development services and launched their own product developed in-house, Aludra. 2020 was a difficult year to all, but the company took the challenge and grew exponentially while creating innovative and quality projects for brands looking to stay connected and innovative despite the physical distance. They are now extending their services to other regions and continue to grow and innovate each day.

What is Design Rush?

DesignRush shares similar values to HNL as they too have recognized the frustration businesses have to find quality solutions. They created a platform focused on guiding brands and clients to find the best professional agencies in the digital world, based on their areas of expertise. They recognize the need businesses have to find partners and agencies with the knowledge, success record, and quality results to bring them the best solutions. You can checkout more about our ranking here

An alliance for the greater good

Together, DesignRush and HNL create an alliance that delivers customer satisfaction in the digital world by building a team who understands each other and fosters growth for their clients. They share values that ultimately drive their day-to-day actions to get optimal results and revolutionize businesses. By having this alliance we could offer Nearshore Software Development services to many companies and create cost effective, and high quality solutions for clients on North America. To checkout more about our partnership with design rush visit the link below

Hypernova Labs will lead you to your success with a career plan!

Hypernova Labs will lead you to your success with a career plan!

Developing and managing a career plan for a company’s employees is a smart strategy when you want to build human capital with talent and potential for success. Betting on being an active part in the professional growth of our human resources is an option with excellent prospects. And, if it is combined with careful planning that contemplates a comprehensive training that strengthens our organization, it will be the perfect formula.

At Hypernova Labs, we are fanatical about the growth of our people because we understand that their success is our success if we join forces along the way. Offering them the necessary tools and guiding them through strengthening their talents and acquiring new skills excites us deeply. They are our pride, and we do not skimp on developing the career plan that fits each one of them.

What is a career plan?

Most people associate a career plan with the traditional idea of visualizing the future benefits of a job based on potential compensation. But in reality, it goes much further than that. A career plan is the detailed planning of the actions necessary for an employee’s future training and professional development. It is based on specific objectives based on the skills required to move up to new positions and the training and experience necessary to achieve them.

A career plan addresses both the motivations of the individual and those of the company. It is not a solo effort on the part of one of the actors. It is a joint action that is built day by day with hard work and dedication.

A career plan for each employee

Working in a company that has a career plan for its employees should be everyone’s aspiration. The main reason is that growing in a planned way within an organization favors professional development and personal growth. An employee whose talent development happens in parallel with the growth of his or her personal and professional maturity becomes a valuable asset.

A good career plan offers the employee the opportunity to:

    • Know their strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

    • Evaluate their work environment and organizational culture.

    • Set concrete and realistic career goals.

    • Nurture their knowledge, both with the technical learning of their area and corresponding to areas complementary to their work.

By Jack Moreh Freerange

Benefits of having a good career plan for our employees

For our company, as for all those that have decided to develop a career plan, there are great benefits, such as:

Decreases the employee turnover rate 

Offering the employee a future with clear goals and objectives, training incentives, and professional support reduces job uncertainty. It motivates the employee to remain within the organization.

Increases the feeling of commitment and belonging to the company.

The employee feels recognized, supported, and an active part in the company’s success by advancing according to a career plan. This makes the employee committed to the company’s objectives because they feel ownership of them and sees the group’s success as their own.

It positively reinforces the image and attracts talent.

The positive effect of offering a career plan to employees is multiplied because their satisfaction and well-being are shared in many areas and improve their image. Likewise, it becomes a great attraction for young and experienced talents as it is a promising option for the future.

Hypernova Labs and the future of its development team

As an employer concerned about its human capital, Hypernova Labs makes every effort to offer the tools for developing the career plan of each of its employees. As a company specialized in software development, Hypernova Labs strives to:

    • Encourage and support all professional training initiatives required by our employees.

    • Encourage multidisciplinary work in which they can develop the necessary skills practically.

    • Make available the figure of a mentor or guide to offer support and direction when necessary.

    • Provide training in soft skills to those employees who require them, according to the positions they are expected to occupy: communication, leadership, team management.

Having a good career plan is, for us, a priority in the labor market. We are faithful to the idea that a satisfied employee is a fundamental part of our success and the best asset we can offer our clients. With the respect they deserve and the training, they require. Our solutions’ quality speaks to our people’s quality and talent – let us turn your dreams into exceptional realities.

The rising of the bitcoin versus its amounts of energy consumption

The rising of the bitcoin versus its amounts of energy consumption

The future of bitcoin in the face of the increase in energy expenditure in recent times seems uncertain. While it is a reality that its price has grown exorbitantly, it is also true that the discussion around its characteristics as a stable currency has increased. Additionally and more notoriously, the diatribe has focused on the carbon footprint that the mining process is leaving worldwide.

Bitcoin's energy consumption in numbers

To further understand the picture of cryptocurrency mining and its environmental impact, it is necessary to review recent numbers. According to an analysis conducted by Cambridge University’s Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), if bitcoin were a country, it would consume more energy per year than Argentina, Switzerland, or Finland.

The CCAF estimates that the cryptocurrency business consumes on average between 4 and 445 TWh per year. Let’s compare this with the average UK consumption of 300 TWh. We have an idea of the dimension of consumption and the associated problem. The data show that two-thirds of the energy used in the mining process comes from polluting sources: fossil fuels.

Estimates made by the Bank of America show that buying a bitcoin at $50,000 has a carbon footprint of 270 tons of CO2.

We are facing a business that involves considerable environmental risk. Due to its profitability and nature, it does not stop growing. On the contrary, it seems that it will continue to grow for some time to come.

The cryptocurrency network is designed to be finite. It is estimated that it will reach its peak of asset issuance in 2024. But, until that time, there is a long way to go in which the environmental damage can be extensive.

Bitcoin currently accounts for 0.59% of the world’s total energy consumption. If it were a country, it would rank 29th in global energy consumption.

What is the mechanism behind the immense energy consumption?

To understand why this is the case, we need to review the mechanism associated with the cryptocurrency mining process and its energy consumption.

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology that guarantees peer-to-peer transactions, without intermediaries, encrypted and available at any point in the network. Its characteristics are anonymity, decentralization, and audibility.

The mining process is designed so that, every 10 minutes, miners receive a mathematical problem to solve. The first to solve it is rewarded with new coins, which he or she puts into circulation. What does this imply? Miners strive to improve their systems to access more and more rewards in less time and increase their income.

As a result of this race against time to solve puzzles and earn coins, energy consumption increases at a dizzying rate. Everyone wants to be part of this lottery of fortune and spares no expense in investing in systems and equipment that solve the 10-minute riddle faster and faster.

By Pexels - Roger Brown

Miners and stakeholders defend against potential environmental damage

As in any situation, the actors involved and accused of causing significant environmental damage to defend themselves. Many of the large capitals that are part of this business claim a significant percentage of mining uses renewable energy.

The truth is that, in countries such as China, there are sectors where mining has settled in search of renewable energy sources with less environmental impact. The Sichuan and Yunnan areas have become a miner’s paradise due to their access to hydroelectric power. Sichuan has the third-largest hydropower plant in the world.

Likewise, those areas where energy extraction and generation are from coal have become an option for digital miners.

Iceland has also become the dream of many miners. In the last year, mining activity has doubled. Fortunately, this is due to the conditions offered by this country: hydroelectric and geothermal energy (from its intense volcanic activity). The other favorable element is the climate, whose low temperatures minimize the energy expenditure needed to cool mining equipment 24 hours a day.

The truth is that, although efforts are being made worldwide to reduce energy consumption, it continues to increase, and so does the associated damage.

New options to reduce energy consumption and optimize the mining process

Fortunately, efforts continue in various sectors to find alternatives to reduce energy consumption and facilitate the switch to renewable energy.

One of the most exciting initiatives focuses on analyzing blockchain security protocols and the development of alternative solutions that preserve the security of operations and decrease energy consumption. A group of researchers from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Switzerland, claim that changing the algorithm of distributed ledger protocols favors reducing energy consumption while keeping security intact.

They propose a new “gossip-based algorithm” to handle the transmission of information they claim guarantees and maintains the validity of messages. Their contribution would be that it reduces the number of operations required to carry out this process and, therefore, the associated energy consumption.

Another exciting initiative in this field is that of the companies DMG Blockchain Solutions and Argo Blockchain. Both have launched the project of a clean energy Bitcoin mining pool. How does this work? The pool called Terra Pool will force miners to use clean energy sources to be part of it. An initiative will reward those miners who contribute to the environment and be part of a pool that will increase their profitability.

There are also actions such as solarcoin (the virtual currency awarded to those who generate voltaic energy) or peercoin that suggests an alternative blockchain model. In this new model, the reward is not given to the block owner who solves the mathematical riddle but to a randomly chosen user, according to their track record and investment in the currency. Both initiatives have their fans and detractors to date.

By Miloslav Hamřík - Pixabay

What's next? The immediate future of Bitcoin

Indeed, the immediate future of Bitcoin remains encouraging, despite the difficulties it faces. Increasingly, initiatives aimed at decreasing energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint associated with mining are emerging. And many professionals and organizations argue that Bitcoin will grow along with the transformations needed to preserve the environment and not behind it.

On the other hand, it faces many sectors regarding its nature as a currency and financial asset. Some authors consider that its limited supply in time and the volatility of its value make it an unattractive investment for many. It does not meet the conditions to be considered a currency in the strict sense of the word.

The truth is that there is still much to see and expect from the world of cryptocurrencies, and their ability to reinvent themselves will surely leave us speechless in the future. Hypernova Labs has always been a group of professionals passionate about change and the future. As the Bitcoin world grows and overcomes difficulties, in the same way, we work for you to find solutions in a changing world. Join us, share a coffee with us and let’s talk about building your future.