An excellent organizational climate as a customer satisfaction strategy

An excellent organizational climate as a customer satisfaction strategy

A good organizational climate is one of the conditions that an employee always expects to find when entering a company. Human capital is the engine of any company and working to offer you the best conditions is a priority. Not only because of building the best conditions for its people, but also because a happy employee will be the best service provider for the client.

Hypernova Labs, as a leading company in the software development industry, is aware of this need. Since its inception, it has focused on building an organizational culture that allows the growth of its people and offers them the best possible climate. We know that we will be the best option for the client if we are cohesive and work in harmony internally.

The organizational climate

The organizational climate is defined as the environment where a person performs their work on a daily basis. This definition includes both work relationships in a condition of dependency and those that are developed independently.

Other definitions extend the concept to the employee’s internal perception of the organization that surrounds him and to the influence of external factors that shape his work. A combination of factors in its entirety.

Achieving an optimal organizational climate is decisive for a company when it comes to achieving its objectives. in the same way, it is decisive when it comes to offering its clients the maximum of their potential. A satisfied human resource and in tune with the organization is much more productive. It will bring any organization within reach of what it sets out to do.

Its fundamental pillars

The construction of the organizational climate is supported by several fundamental pillars:

The balance of the organizational structure in terms of the procedures and rules imposed.

As an optimal point is reached between flexibility and rigidity in terms of compliance, the worker will feel more comfortable and identified.

Employee sense of responsibility

It is vital that each of the members of the organization is aware of their levels of responsibility and decision-making. In this way, the levels of supervision must be adequately defined, granting each person the necessary autonomy.

The reward for a job well done

A good system of recognition and rewards for work satisfactorily completed contributes to improving the organizational climate. Even incentives to improve work in the short term offer benefits in that regard.

Encourage challenges and healthy competition
Offering the possibility of facing challenges with calculated risks and exceeding expectations awakens in employees an interest in healthy competition. In addition, it allows each person to discover their potential and work from it to exploit it in the best way. increases self-confidence and autonomy.

Promote good interpersonal relationships, both formal and informal

It is important to work so that human capital is related, always within the limits of respect for the other. In an organization, formal relationships are born, derived between pre-established work groups and informal ones, the result of daily friction. Both are necessary and contribute to building a good organizational climate, promoting a sense of group and belonging.

Sense of cooperation

It encompasses the spirit of help among the members of the organization, both horizontally and vertically.

Set productivity parameters

To the extent that the members of an organization understand what the dimensions are of what is expected of him, he will be able to feel identified and work to achieve it.

Positive conflict management and communication

Conflict does not have to be a problem. On the contrary, it is an inexhaustible source of opportunity if it is managed in the most productive way. At this point, fluid, open and two-way communication is vital. Everyone needs and must be heard and taken into account when making decisions.

Sense of belonging

Identification with the mission, vision and values of the organization is vital. To the extent that each member feels part of and committed to their group, its objectives and its values, they will guide their efforts to achieve them. She will feel them as her own and will defend them whenever necessary.

Hypernova Labs and its commitment to human capital

As an organization, we are committed to our human capital since we are aware that their well-being is the well-being of the organization in general and, consequently, that of the client. For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves from the beginning to creating an adequate organizational climate for the better development of our staff.

Our strategies include:

  •  Processes of induction to the employee in which he will be able to know what are the responsibilities and tasks assigned to him, from the hand of colleagues with more experience who will be his guide when starting.
  •  We offer working hours appropriate to the labor reality of our country. Even the possibility of flexible hours and places of work, according to the nature of the activity, with prior authorization.
  •  At the level of salary compensation, we understand all the factors that affect its determination. Our policies contemplate the recognition of professional achievements, fulfillment of responsibilities, exceeding standards and even growth at the salary level of the market.
  • Benefits at the level of health services and policies.
  • Academic preparation and constant professional updating in technology and all the necessary disciplines is a priority for us. For this reason, we offer our staff the possibility of continuing and expanding their knowledge with financial support if possible. In the same way, they have at their disposal the possibility of obtaining the necessary certifications according to the role that the employee occupies, at no cost.
  • We encourage good interpersonal relationships as part of the growth and enrichment of the organizational climate. The premise is to maintain respect among its members and the vision of diversity and inclusion present at all times.
    And, as a software development company, we never lose sight of the needs of our developers:
  • Continuous training at a technological level, either formal, with group meetings or acquisition of the necessary software and hardware.
  • Motivation from new challenges and work in multidisciplinary teams. We understand the need and benefits of building a chain of knowledge and collaboration. For this reason, we encourage training and participation in projects, both for those who start and for the most experienced.
  • Training in terms of leadership and additional leadership for all those who require it according to their role.

We are what the client needs because we are committed to our goals and values ​​to achieve it

An organization whose members are committed to its values and the achievement of its objectives becomes the best option for its potential client. It has a human resource in the best disposition to offer the best result and with the best skills to interact with the client. Hypernova Labs is able to connect with its client from the first moment because it has reached internal harmony and we continue to work on it daily.

It is always said that what we see is the reflection of who we are internally and, at the organizational climate level, it is fully fulfilled. We work to be by your side and satisfy your need for state-of-the-art technology solutions. Whether at the level of software development in general, mobile applications, cloud services, or user experience, we have what you need. And our staff is ready to make your experience the best. Bet on us and you won’t regret it.