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Why Hypernova?

At Hypernova Labs, you will work with some of the most talented tech engineers of the region, where teamwork, professional growth and personal development are the pillars of our company’s culture.


Our employees come from over 12 countries, speak more than four languages, and apply an incredible depth of experience to their work. The Hypernova team includes certified developers, math geniuses, standup comedians, cross-fit trainers, community activists, competitive motorcyclists, and enough soccer players that they started their own company soccer team.


As a truly exceptional place to work in Panama, we continue to grow our team and have become an example of success to other companies in the region.


In 2021 Hypernova Labs was awarded the 7th place in EFY’s study “Best Companies for Young Professionals”. This was achieved thanks to a positive work environment where fostering growth and personal development are a priority.



Hypernova Labs is a second home for their employees and as a Hypernova Labs professional you will find:

Open Positions

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Full Stack Developer
React Native, Angular, Node Js

Position: Mid-Senior Developer (Full time)
Location: Panama City, Panama or Latin American countries ONLY


Java or C#
Developer AWS / Azure

Position:  Junior-Profesional-Senior Developer (Full time)
Location: All countries on the world, Remote Work!


Javascript Developer
Nodejs - TypeScript AWS / Azure

Position: Senior Developer (Full time)
Location: Panama City, Panama or Latin American, Remote Work!


Automatizador Selenium, JMeter, Appium, DevOps

Position: Senior Developer (Full time)
Location: Panama City, Panama or Latin American countries ONLY

Our Employees


We value our employees efforts that is why we offer competitive salaries and performance bonuses, as well as  two salary reviews per year. 

Health & Wellness

A positive work environment involves healthy people, that is why we offer health insurance for our employees in Panama and monthly wellness workshops for all of our employees.


Work-life balance is valuable to us, which is why you’ll receive paid parental leave, vacations, and flexible time off. 


In order to promote constant growing and learning, all work travel costs are covered by us. Learn from the best all over the world! 


Our central and accesible Panama City office is equipped for all of our employees needs. We are currently working on opening offices in other countries of the region so we can expand our reach. 


We cover the costs of transportation to work when needed, as well as arrange the most efficient ways for our employees to get to their work sites on time. 

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