Clutch platform and Hypernova Labs: know more about our new allies!

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Clutch platform and Hypernova Labs: know more about our new allies!

Being a member of a community is very important. Hypernova Labs is today a member of Clutch, one of the essential business services platforms.

Having the support of Clutch at the enterprise level is one of the most impactful experiences in our young trajectory. It represents the recognition of the professionalism and quality that distinguishes our solutions in the market.

Our reasons for choosing Clutch as the right platform when making business decisions

As an organization, our objective is to offer state-of-the-art technological solutions so that our clients can provide their users with the best experience. Our goal is to become a leader in our industry, crossing borders. Likewise, to offer a service that adapts to changing market conditions and the requirements of companies in various sectors and entrepreneurs.

For this reason, Clutch represents the ideal platform to connect with the client. This group of professionals carefully studied the market and understood that selecting a suitable service provider was not simple. In an environment where information was deficient, making informed decisions was not an option.

The desire to create an appropriate space for service providers and customers, where the conditions for negotiation were right, led to the birth of Clutch. The platform collects and organizes everything related to data analysis and customer information from registered companies. This is how it favors trust in the process and facilitates the choice of suppliers.

Each of the companies that are part of this community carries with it the solid backing of their customers’ opinions, the exhaustive evaluation of Clutch’s staff, and the necessary assessment to ensure that it is up to the demands of a changing, challenging market that requires innovation at every step.

But that’s not all. The most important added value for us as a software development company is the opportunity to climb a new step in building our reputation as a company. Also, attract the best potential customers and develop our leadership in technology in our region.

Today, Clutch has around 36,000 customer reviews and more than 100 market analysis reports, information that supports the community’s quality.

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Hypernova Labs and its profile

Our current and potential customers have the best information about our company in the Clutch portal. There is no need to spend your time in unnecessary searches. Just approach, and you can find specialized data on:

    • Our different product lines.

    • Composition of our client portfolio

    • Technical information regarding platforms, methodologies, and technology used in the development of technological solutions.

    • Portfolio of products and services

In the same way, they have the opportunity to discover all about the experience of great customers who have made our path an exciting adventure. As Raul Ramsay, President of Club Activo 20-30, states, the experience of working together allowed us to meet their needs and demonstrate our professionalism, commitment, and determination to stay one step ahead in technology:

The team has shown outstanding commitment and is very strict with deadlines (…). Their most impressive aspects are their availability, commitment, and excellent skills. They are fabulous and have a solid relationship with Microsoft technologies.”

The desire to make our work transparent to the client, favor constant communication and innovate in every solution is part of the great experience we shared with Cecilia Arias, Vice President of Technology and Investment at Grupo Cochez:

Their openness to listen to our needs is noteworthy (…) They are also flexible and available to leverage other developments for the creation of new products. Their ability to innovate is outstanding“.

This space offers any client interested in contracting our services the necessary information for an intelligent and informed decision-making process that results in the best client/supplier combination.

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One more step towards excellence

Our hard work has filled us with satisfaction so far. It continues to supply us with pride to recognize groups like Clutch, for whom excellence is the primary requirement. We continue working, learning, and innovating every day. No border can stop us. We are expanding to reach more and better customers, establish the best commercial alliances, and become stronger and stronger as an organization. The inclusion in Clutch is one more step towards building our technological leadership in the region. Be part of this phenomenon and make history with us. We are waiting for you.

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