Find out what Scrum and DevOps can offer us in software development

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Find out what Scrum and DevOps can offer us in software development

The terms Scrum and DevOps open the door to the world of software development. Software development might seem, at first glance, to be a mechanical process in which a group of professionals dives into until they deliver a product. But it is much more than that. It comprises an organizational culture and methodology. It is a process with its essence and involves all organization members, to a greater or lesser extent.

Hypernova Labs knows the process very well because it is at the heart of its daily work. The AGILE methodology is our chosen formula for bringing to life the solutions that our clients require. Let’s take a brief tour of these terms that are commonplace for our customers, maybe foreign, and we want them to see our world through our own eyes.

What are we talking about when we say AGILE Methodology?

There are many ways of doing things, and the AGILE methodology is the one that fits perfectly with our standards of quality and customer service. It is a working formula that focuses on speed and flexibility when adapting to the client’s needs and offering the best results.

The AGILE methodology is based on giving priority to the client in terms of delivery times, offering them the opportunity to participate in the process, be part of the change, and create value in the development of their product.

It is an ideal methodology for those changing projects. The customer’s needs set the tone, and it is necessary to make adjustments to add the correct value at each stage.

Scrum as a framework

Scrum is a methodology or framework for those complex projects managed by teams. It is an agile work methodology that adapts perfectly to projects that require short-time deliveries, with requirements that may change during the project development. It stands out for being a perfect space for innovation, competitiveness, flexibility, and productivity.

The Scrum methodology is characterized by:

    • Transparency. Because it is a methodology in which everyone involved knows what is happening in the process in real-time.

    • Inspection. Because the process is constantly monitored to allow it to flow in the right way, in time, and results.

    • Adaptation. Because all members adjust to achieve the objectives in the proposed terms.

By Edar - Pixabay
By Edar - Pixabay

Roles in the Scrum methodology

Within the work teams, there are three fundamental roles:

Product owner

Responsible for maximizing the value of the work carried out by the team. They are in continuous contact with the customer and have extensive knowledge of the project. There is only one Product owner for each project.

Scrum Master

Their responsibility is to ensure that all the techniques related to the methodology in question are correctly applied. Their objective is to eliminate the elements that impede the free development of the process.

Development team

It is the group of professionals responsible for carrying out all the tasks that the Product Owner has determined according to the project’s priorities.

What are the different moments of the Scrum methodology?

According to the development of the project, the Scrum methodology goes through different moments.


These are established work periods that can last up to a maximum of one month. It defines the project development pace and includes all the actions that add value to the project in its different stages.

Sprint Planning

This is the meeting in which Sprint objectives and the different actions to be carried out by the team to achieve them are defined.

Daily meeting

Daily meeting for the review of tasks in which it is explained what each member must do and what are the limitations that exist.

Sprint review

Meeting whose objective is to evaluate the value added to the development process at that point. It is the only meeting attended by the customer to validate the changes and the product.

Sprint Retrospective

The parts have a meeting at the end of the Sprint to evaluate the process, the implementation, and the possibilities of improvement.

By Joshua Sortino - Unsplash
By Joshua Sortino - Unsplash

DevOps as a complementary methodology

Much has been said about DevOps, and it is thought to be an alternative methodology to Scrum. Still, in reality, it is a compliment that broadens the participation of the organization’s members in the software development process.

The term DevOps comes from the fusion of the development and operations of the word. It refers to the union of the efforts of development and IT operations personnel to optimize growth and product delivery times. Traditionally separate sectors come together to achieve participation that translates into effectiveness and productivity.

DevOps is more than a methodology. It is a change in the organizational culture that implies an openness in the vision of what the software development process and value addition mean.

It promotes the spirit of cooperation between the different teams involved in the process, broadens the scope of the responsibilities of its members, and becomes a continuous learning process.

Scrum + DevOps, what surprises does it offer us

Scrum promotes teamwork, innovation, and creativity. It incorporates the customer in the development process. It emphasizes the modeling of the product in stages, in which value is added according to the customer’s needs.

DevOps further opens the doors to operational human capital and incorporates it into the development process. The fact that operational problems can be foreseen from the development stage is again in the process. Likewise, automated DevOps evaluation processes quickly provide data on potential failures. This data allows the development team to adjust the project and optimize delivery times.

Scrum + DevOps is the right choice if the company is open to the organizational change it implies, shifting from small teams to larger multidisciplinary teams. It favors the integration of personnel and belonging, besides being an excellent learning tool between professionals from different areas. Come and discover how Hypernova Labs has made the Agile methodology a way of life that makes a difference in the quality of its solutions. We are waiting for you.

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