Frontend, Backend and Fullstack: the web developer golden trio

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Frontend, Backend and Fullstack: the web developer golden trio

The exponential growth of the internet is an undeniable reality. Most people dedicate a large part of their time to activities related to the internet, either for professional or entertainment reasons. And everyone surfs different websites every day, many without knowing that the design and operation of these spaces are the responsibility of web developers.
The web developers, silently and behind the scenes, have given life and value to the virtual world.

Hypernova Labs works every day to strengthen and train its web developers to make our clients’ experience the best in the market. That is why it is so crucial for us that you know a little more about who we are and what we do to offer you a first-class job.

What is a web developer?

Simply put, a web developer is a professional who designs, creates, and maintains websites and web applications. The scope of their work extends to the internet and intranet. He is an expert in information technology and has multiple skills to carry out his work.

It is one of the most demanded professional profiles today for the value they bring to organizations, especially nowadays with the rise of the digital economy and e-commerce.

Its field of work is vast. For this reason, it is possible to divide it into three main branches, according to the area in which it is developed: frontend, backend, and fullstack.

Frontend developer

A frontend developer is in charge of everything that the user can visualize. That is to say, everything that runs at the client’s sight, known as the presentation layer or User Interface.

He/she is proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages, which allows him/her to translate the design and all the functionalities proposed to the user into tangible results.

Although the frontend developer is not in charge of the original design, he must have basic design and good user interface practices. In this way, he/she will recreate the desired format and add the expected functionalities successfully.

The frontend developer has the following objectives:

By Gerd Altmann - Pixabay
By Gerd Altmann - Pixabay

Optimize load times.

Since user experience is paramount, improving page load times is extremely important. To the extent that the loading time is fast, the user experience improves, and the conversion into sales usually increases.

Achieving Responsive Web Design.

Today, one of the challenges facing a frontend developer is the construction and design of a website that can be viewed optimally on any of the devices available on the market.
Responsive web design is a web design and development technique that, through flexible structures and other tools, manages to adapt a website to the device’s environment in which it is located.

Optimize the visualization in all browsers if possible.

As with the different devices, it is necessary that a page or a website can be displayed optimally in the other browsers available today. This is one of the challenges that frontend developers face daily when carrying out their work.

Develop maintainable code over time.

It is essential that the code is clean, readable, efficient and allows its future maintenance and incorporation of the necessary functionalities.

Backend developer

The work of the backend developer is carried out behind the scenes. Their workspace is the server itself. Their goal is to allow the user to obtain the greatest possible comfort when navigating. Without their work, the task of the frontend developer would not be sustainable.

It is closely related to everything related to the creation and design of the software architecture. By this, we mean the software components, their properties, and the relationships between them.

Like the frontend, the backend is a professional who masters multiple skills concerning:

    • Languages and frameworks, such as ASP. NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, and Java.

    • Databases to store the necessary data. The most common are MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and MongoDB.

It also knows protocols and interactivity, among others.

Fullstack developer

The full-stack developer is the union of the best of each of the previous developers. It can be defined as a professional who can work on a project, both on the client-side (frontend) and the server-side (backend).

Many believe that a single professional can’t concentrate all the knowledge needed to master the whole picture. But its value is centered on something beyond technical skills: a fullstack developer can solve problems on both the user and server-side.

It requires the necessary experience in both fields and the development of soft skills, such as:

    • communication. 

    • personnel management

    • use of your creativity

    • effective time management

They are a versatile professional, skilled at working in a team and in high demand today.

Hypernova Labs and its team of developer

Our company always aims to offer the best possible customer experience through tailored solutions to their needs. Based on this, we have a team of the backend, frontend, and fullstack developers prepared in cutting-edge technology to offer you the best in the market in terms of:

    • software development in general

    • mobile applications

    • cloud services

    • user experience.

Having a team of expert developers, needs resources that are capable of handling the workload. having this in mind, Hypernovalabs has acquired the new HP laptops. Half of the team has HP Zbook and the other half has the HP Elitebook. If you want to checkout the difference between hp zbook vs elite book, you can check out the article at the end of the page.


For us, the constant training of our team is a necessity and, for this reason, they have the impetus and support necessary to be the best in their area. Our team of developers is what you need to step up and make the digital transformation of your business a reality. Let us be part of your success.

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