We can also be Silicon Valley: from California to Panama City (3)

By Pexels-Luis-Quintero

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We can also be Silicon Valley: from California to Panama City (3)

Silicon Valley Panama is getting closer every day. For this reason, Hypernova Labs is preparing with determination and dedication to be an essential piece in this event. The technological development and digital transformation of Latin America is a process underway, as we saw in our second installment, and the outlook is very positive

In our native country Panama, the work to create the necessary conditions for the establishment of a space dedicated to research and development of technology has not been long in coming. Different sectors have made joint efforts to lay the foundations for this project that will be beneficial to the entire region and the world.

Digital cities and Latin America

In our region, initiatives aimed at promoting IT research and development have been advanced. Experiences such as the Digital Creative City in Mexico and the City of Knowledge in Panama show that the focus is on the technological development of the region.

Along the same lines, projects such as the Panama Hub Digital aim to improve and update Latin America’s technology. This initiative has the participation of government and private sectors and the support of the Development Bank of Latin America. It seeks to turn Panama into the center of technological innovation, optimizing interconnection processes in the area.

In March 2021, the Panamanian government signed the concession contract with Google Infraestructura Panamá, S.A. the installation and maintenance for 20 years of the Curie submarine cable. It will optimize the coverage of the country’s communications network and promote investment in the digital sector. One more step towards transformation.

By Pixabay-Panaquip

Hypernova Labs and its vision

At Hypernova Labs we define ourselves as a company focused on offering solutions to its clients based on the development of state-of-the-art technology. Our values ​​are:

      • commitment
      • responsibility
      • teamwork
      • honesty and transparency
      • empathy and respect
      • innovation and loyalty

We have a clear commitment to preserving the environment and our share of responsibility

Supported by these ideas, we work with dedication, ensuring the highest quality in each of our solutions, backed by a meticulous, reliable, safe work process that has the most important certifications in terms of quality today.

We serve the needs of companies of different natures and sizes, since each client is special to us. We are able to work alongside you in the project of your interest and also, adapt to your needs and offer you our outsourcing services that you require.

We have an expert team in the development of software for large industries such as retail businesses in the area of ​​banking, fintech, IoT, e-learning, project management and much more. Our Aludra Cloud application ecosystem is just one example of what Hypernova Labs can do for you. Only when it comes to electronic invoicing are we pioneers in the region.

For these reasons, Hypernova Labs meets the necessary conditions to be an active part and set the tone for the digital transformation in Panama and the entire region. We are committed and aware of the need to take a step forward and we work daily in that direction. Silicon Valley Panama is not a dream and we are building with effort, perseverance and a lot of emotion. Do not hesitate. If your vision is to be part of something big, of the technological future, we are your best option.


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