We can also be Silicon Valley: from California to Panama City (1)

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We can also be Silicon Valley: from California to Panama City (1)

The name Silicon Valley brings to mind an immense number of images. From the most common about the multiple technology companies that make life there to the most futuristic that imagine the crossing of physical borders and their expansion into new spaces.

And those who dream and imagine a near future with a new Silicon Valley are not wrong. On the contrary, they are closer than they imagine to a possible reality. Latin America has become the center of innovative and challenging technological growth. Panama has begun to work in the necessary conditions to create an appropriate space for the expansion of the technology company. Hypernova Labs understands all the possibilities for advancement and has focused on being a pioneer in technological development and innovation …

Let's make History

In this first installment, we will make a brief account of what Silicon Valley means, its origin and role in technological development worldwide.

Silicon Valley is located south of San Francisco, California in the United States. It brings together more than 2,000 companies in the technology sector, which makes this sector a privileged space.

Its location is a great competitive advantage since it offers the necessary proximity to the best suppliers, clients and research centers.

Silicon Valley has become globally synonymous with research, development and successful companies in the field of technology. Its origin dates back to the years of the Great American Depression. Around this time, Stanford Engineering Professor Frederick Terman takes the initiative to open up development and expansion opportunities for his students. He encourages William Hewlett and David Packard to start their own technological developments and thus the first step towards the creation of Silicon Valley is taken.

Terman becomes Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and together with other professors, they obtain financial aid from the State to promote school research. He founded the Stanford Industrial Park and opened the doors to a host of growing technology projects.

He leased the spaces to companies like Varian Associates, Eastman Kodak, General Electric, Lockheed, and Hewlett-Packard, and the rest is history. Today it houses more than 39 high-tech organizations in innovative areas such as biotechnology.

The term Nearshore has jumped onto the business scene in recent times. The leaders consider the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing contracting, in its different forms: onshore, offshore and nearshore. Define strategies and build profitable and efficient business alliances is a constant challenge for every company in growth. Decision making is a multifactorial issue. When it comes to passing borders, a host of additional factors are added to consider.

Conocer cada una de las modalidades es vital a la hora de optar por cualquiera de estas formas de contratación,ya que de eso dependerá el éxito de las alianzas de negocio que se establezcan a futuro.

Cuando hablamos de outsourcing, nos referimos a la contratación de servicios de un tercero fuera de nuestra empresa que llevará a cabo tareas que tradicionalmente eran realizadas por trabajadores propios.

What makes Silicon Valley the Mecca of technology?

This space has been called the Mecca of technology due to the rapid growth and success achieved by the companies that comprise it. Silicon Valley is the home par excellence of startups, young companies with a high capacity for growth in a short time, based on the development and use of digital technologies.

Silicon Valley’s success over time is backed by the cooperative spirit of the members of the companies that make life there. Many share a history of academic training. Likewise, the cultural and educational diversity of the professionals that make up the different organizations has led to the creation of a community with a much broader vision and rich in knowledge.

Finally, the fact of being surrounded by many of the best universities and vocational training centers favors the recruitment of personnel who are increasingly prepared and willing to innovate in the right environment.

In our next installment, we will delve into the reasons why Latin America today is fertile ground and full of possibilities for the growth and expansion of technology companies and how Panama is at the forefront, laying the foundations and opening the way to innovators, such as Hypernova Labs to build a new Silicon Valley in our latitudes.

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