Hypernova Labs is now part of the top 7% development agencies at Pangea

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Hypernova Labs, a verified member of the Pangea community

It is with great honor and a sense of fulfillment that we announce we have been verified by Pangea. This achievement will boost our credibility and give certainty and transparency about our company to all of our clients and future allies.

For a while, at Hypernova Labs, we had been thinking of a way to grant security, trust, and credibility to our clients, partners, and allies, which is why we decided to start the verification process with Pangea. Pangea gives us the support needed to reassure our clients of our quality and services.

The initial step of the verification process was reevaluating some of our internal processes as well. These included our employee culture and benefits, our customer service, sales strategy, brand and company image, among others. Being able to reevaluate these processes was key to measuring our growth and ways in which we could improve to grow even more.

For the second part of the verification process, we gathered feedback from our team to recreate ways to measure our success and have more tangible data. We also gathered various client reviews and analyzed them to see what our strong and weak points were. This helped us as a company to get a clear view of how we are viewed inside the company and outside as well.

The verification process was meticulous and not an easy task, but we are extremely glad we went through it because it showed us what we could improve on to become even better, and what we needed to keep focusing on.


Improvement, Innovation, and Change

When going through the verification process there were two areas that we found we could improve on. These were our brand/image and our sales strategy. We realized that even though they were doing fine, we could push to thrive in them and become even better.

For the sales area, we realized that we were doing amazing with existing clients and our main focus and priority was them. This was a strong point and something very important, but we saw the chance to start focusing on getting new clients as well and investing in that area, so we decided to expand our sales team and hire more people who could help and focus on getting and managing new clients, as we focused on our existing ones at the same time

While getting feedback from the team, we realized that it was time for change and innovation. Our brand didn’t feel completely like us anymore and our image was getting kind of outdated, so we decided to refresh the company by getting a completely new image. This new image helped Hypernova Labs to feel more aligned with its goals and target audience. It portrays innovation and spirit, and it helps to keep us fresh, current with the market, and on our toes.

Being verified by Pangea is very important to us because it represents a level of trust for future allies and an achievement from our part. It has helped us to improve and grow and it will continue to do so.


It is our goal to continue improving and changing in ways that will guaranty not only quality of product to our clients, but quality of work culture within our organization.

Ready to bring your ideas to life? Get in touch with the Hypernova Labs team. We are excited to get to meet you and know more about your needs.

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