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We are a developers agency

We can provide you with a number of software development services such as web development, mobile apps development, product design or maintenance and support of software. Contact us and get to know our software development services better.

Web software development service

Using the newest technologies on both the back-end and the front-end side let us create scalable, real-time and efficient solutions that definitely move your business to the next level!

Mobile software development service

We specialize in bringing our client’s ideas to life. Our brilliant mobile teams take pride in tackling the most difficult challenges and bringing them to life on Android and iOS devices

Backend API development service

Our team has the experience to improve the API design for your developments need. The design of our APIs are focused on functionality, reliability and usability, seeking that the users who are going to use them can enjoy when they consume them.

DevOps implementation service

The Hypernova Labs team is prepared to work with proprietary and agnostic technologies to find the solution to a technological problem.

DevOps is one of the most mentioned terms in today’s IT environment. It is usually associated with digital transformation strategies, and methodologies such as Continuous Delivery or agile development.

Staffing Nearshore

The demand for IT outsourcing continues to increase worldwide. Our Nearshore IT staff service connects you seamlessly with our teams of developers, minimizing costs in Central America, Colombia and Panama.

We are more than 60 people in Latin America with experience in design, development and testing. We use state-of-the-art technologies that, combined with our work methodology and a mature development process, result in high-quality solutions for our clients.

Our team fully pursues scalable customer service through sustainable technologies. We dynamically innovate to stay at the top of the market.
When a problem arises, are we available to help? We are always available independently, we live your process and we dedicate ourselves to putting all our effort to reach the objectives of your project.

Our Capabilities

Our nearshore center in Panama allows our teams to adapt perfectly to practices that require real-time collaboration such as Lean and Agile. Through videoconference we can participate in SCRUM dailys, demonstrate completed tasks and solve questions throughout the day.

This unique benefit enables successful, real-time alignment between clients and our developers from Central America, Colombia, and Panama, delivering the highest customer value and transparency in IT staff. 

We offer Frontend, Backend, Fullstacks, Scrum Masters, Testers, Product Owners, our stack covers languages like Java, C#, Python, Node JS, Go, Angular, React JS, React Native, Kotlin, Swift.

Working with us offers advantages

Advantages of HNL Staffing nearshore

Hypeynova Labs delivers our nearshore resources at a cost that is approximately one-third (1/3) that of similar US-based development resources, providing the highest possible return on investment to your company without sacrificing education, skills or communication fluency.

Our high-performance Nearshore staffing unites you with technically excellent elite developers in Panama who provide the highest value, ROI, and client transparency in IT staffing.

Our development centers are perfectly suited to practices that require real-time collaboration such as SCRUM and Agile.

We strive to instill successful patterns in our team activities and promote successful delivery practices in every engagement.

We constantly evaluate our team of developers, trying to reach the top among the best companies in the region.

We offer project personnel, plant personnel and remote personnel

The team is constantly trained and given feedback on the technologies used.

We provide vacations, constant training and replacement of personnel in special situations