We can also be Silicon Valley: from California to Panama City (2)

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We can also be Silicon Valley: from California to Panama City (2)

The vision of Silicon Valley in Latin America as a high space that offers the necessary conditions for research and development of technology is not an impossible dream. As we saw in our first installment, the development of a suitable field of this nature requires that multiple factors and initiatives come together to create the necessary conditions for its growth.

Latin America has faced multiple challenges in technology research and development. The year 2020 with the pandemic, has been one of the toughest challenges. Despite this, the year 2020 closed with a growth of 5.5% in relation to the growth of IT industries, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Along the same lines, the IDC foresees a sustained growth of 7.7% for the year 2021, which looks really interesting and hopeful. The idea that the digital transformation of Latin America is in a process without turning back is one of the reasons that has driven Hypernova Labs to continue working on cutting-edge technology. To be a pioneer and engine of a process that will bring core and enriching changes to our region and the world motivates us.

What does the future hold in technology for Latin America?

The IDC report, published at the end of 2020, estimates that by 2022 it will have 40% of PIB digitized.

Along the same lines, they establish 10 important possible changes in the coming years in terms of growth in technology research and development:

Information schema growth in the clou

They estimate that 75% of Latin American companies will change their infrastructure for proper information management in the cloud.

Edge acceleration

By 2023, the increased need to share information in less time, with higher quality and between different devices will drive the growth of infrastructure, applications and data resources that optimize this process with edge or border technologies.

Hybrid workforce

2020 certainly demonstrated the virtues of a remote workforce. By 2023, it is estimated that 60% of the first companies in technology matters in the region will commit to creating the necessary conditions for remote work to become an active part of the workforce.

Solve technical debt

Many of the technology companies, before the emergency of 2020, were ahead of launching products and solutions to the market. Although they filled the necessary gaps, this entailed a technical debt in terms of the immediate need to improve their infrastructure, which they must solve in the short term

Automated platforms

By 2023, AL could have automated cloud platforms, adaptive and self-regulated.


By Wallhere

Digital resilienc

Those companies that understood that rapid and necessary learning in digital matters was the way to overcome the crisis, will find better opportunities in 2022 because they have learned that changes are necessary.

IA growth

Latin America has experienced a shortage of IA professionals. The circumstances and the necessary technological growth will increase the demand for training and the acquisition of talent by approximately 225 thousand specialists. Likewise, the demand for the acquisition of IA start-ups among the main companies in the region will increase

ITC Ecosystems

The collaborative scheme will gain strength in the near future as a strategy to strengthen the development of information technologies. Thus, companies, suppliers and clients will work to strengthen their alliances and improve their services in areas such as bandwidth, security, collaboration and mobile services.

Union of information technologies and the circular economy

Increasingly, companies in the sector will direct their efforts to the construction of a work scheme where the environment is respected, and the use of renewable energy.


People matte

Last but not least point is that people matter more than ever. The growth of hybrid work during 2020 and the safe projection of growth in 2021 and beyond for remote work, imposes new responsibilities on the CIO. You must ensure that your work teams have the necessary resources and appropriate environments, as well as the required training.

Hypernova Labs and the Future of Silicon Valley in A

Hypernova Labs has spared no effort or resources in charting its goals and strategies to become a leader in the area of ​​software development and information technology in the region. But beyond leading the companies in the sector, our interest is focused on contributing to the digital transformation. If Latin America meets the necessary conditions for the development of spaces, in the style of Silicon Valley for research and development of technology, the benefit will be global.

We are a region with infinite qualitative and competitive advantages in the matter. Betting on their growth is the right choice at this time. Our human capital is professionally trained to face current challenges and is constantly updated. Business alliances in technology and agreements with government and external organizations can become the pillars to promote technological growth in Latin America.

In our next and last installment, we will tell you how Hypernova Labs and Panama work for the construction in the near future of our own Silicon Valley and why being part of our team and your business option is the right decision.


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