What is 5G and how it amazingly changes our everyday world?

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Talking about 5G and speed has become almost the same thing. The advance of mobile network technology occupies everyone’s attention because of the surprises it holds in store for us. The doors are opening to new possibilities, and the imagination is flying higher. The very idea of better and more effective communication is the beginning of great projects.

Since their inception, mobile networks have become the highway of progress. Communicating at a distance from any point has ceased to be an idea and has become a reality and has not stopped over the years. However, there are times when we have to speed up the pace of creation because technology is moving faster than our dreams.

What do we mean by 5G technology?

When we talk about 5G, we are referring to the fifth generation of mobile networks. Briefly recounting, the four previous generations of mobile communication were characterized by:


  • 1G Generation of the first cell phones that allowed remote talking.
  • 2G Introduction of text messaging or SMS technology
  • 3G Incorporation of internet connection through cell phones
  • 4G Appearance of broadband and the possibility of playing videos in real-time (streaming) or augmented reality.

What advances does this new 5G generation bring us?

Higher speed. 5G allows browsing up to 10 Gb/s, which is a significant change. As a result, actions that currently require several minutes can be executed in seconds.


Higher bandwidth translates into the possibility of managing a greater volume of data and a more extensive network capacity.


Lower latency. The time it takes for data to travel the path between sender and receiver is called latency. With 5G technology, this time will decrease to approximately one millisecond. If we compare it to the 20 milliseconds average in 4G, the reduction is highly significant and turns communication into a real-time act in textual form.


Increased number of connected devices. The new antennas are developed with MIMO technology (Massive MIMO Multiple Input-Multiple output), allowing managing a greater volume of data than currently known. This facilitates the connection of up to 1 million devices per square kilometer.


Energy savings. 5G technology allows the 4G infrastructure to work and only takes over when user requirements require higher connection speeds. This translates into the lower energy consumption of devices in the long run.

The impact of 5G on everyday life

A new generation of mobile networks is making its way and offers multiple benefits to sectors already at the forefront of technological change. IoT and Cloud computing will increase their capabilities and benefits hand in hand with 5G.


The possibility of connecting a more significant number of devices in real-time clears the way to develop more and better solutions for the user. Along the same lines, an effective data processing and storage capacity in the cloud optimizes the analysis process in less time.

This is how the idea of Smart Cities is gaining strength and shape at the moment. They are conceived as spaces where the IoT, hand in hand with 5G, offers a total interconnection between devices and solutions to improve the quality of life of people in different areas.


Taking a further look, we find autonomous vehicles designed to stay interconnected and thus improve their performance in aspects such as safety, performance, and even entertainment. In Spain, for example, the first 5G tunnel has been inaugurated that will facilitate the interconnection of all those vehicles and devices that have the necessary sensors for communication.

They will receive essential data about weather conditions when exiting the tunnel, obstacles on the road, unforeseen events with pedestrians or other vehicles, etc. This is an example of the infinite potential of 5G technology when combined with IoT and cloud computing.


The healthcare area also sees its advances flourish thanks to 5G by making remote surgeries possible, as happened in early 2020 in the state-of-the-art Optimus operating room. Surgeon Antonio de Lacy remotely direct a group of surgeons in realtime throughout a complex colon surgery.


Medicine will reach remote locations, overcome barriers, and make small medical care a reality that will change the quality of life for all those for whom physical distance is an obstacle to obtaining quality medical care.


And we cannot fail to mention the possibility of process automation at the industrial level to raise its scope and become a viable, low-cost option. The smart industry is just one step away from becoming massive.

Building the future in real-time

As Audi recently said, “The future is an attitude,” and Hypernova Labs shares their vision. We are on the side of digital transformation as our mission, and we see a possible future in each of our customers.

The future is a reality for us, and we need to shape it with dedication, expertise, and consistency. So every challenge we face in developing solutions according to your needs excites us because we feel part of the possible tomorrow. So look ahead with a forward-looking attitude and make your digital transformation a fascinating reality.

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